We’re more than an essential resource provider – we are your neighbors.

We believe that the true measure of success is when the people we work with and the communities we service thrive and prosper together.

At Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery, we pride ourselves on not just the service we provide or how we process the material in a healthy and environmentally safe way, but how deeply we are woven into the fabric of the communities we service. We are proud to be an essential resource for our community and of our decades-long tradition of being involved in the community as well. Part of being a good neighbor means giving back to the communities and people that we serve.

Whether it is providing education and outreach programs, supporting youth organizations, sponsoring community events and organizations, or just getting our hands dirty with park and creek cleanups, we are deeply committed to enriching the area we call home.

Education and Outreach

Mt. Diablo Recycling Center Tours We believe that education is key to improving the way we recycle and helps to encourage environmental stewardship.

We provide scheduled tours to schools, clubs, and sustainability groups, but they are also open to the public. During the 45 min. tour of our 90,000 sq. ft facility, Mt. Diablo Recycling Center, you will see how recyclables are sorted and prepared to later produce recycled products. This interactive tour will give a strong understand as to why the 5-R’s are so important to us.

Presentations – We are passionate about waste reduction, recycling and recovering that we share it with the community whenever possible.

MDRR offers presentations on waste and recycling to neighborhood associations, civic/environmental groups, businesses, and all other clubs and community-based organizations within our service areas. Our presentations will go over the importance of waste reduction, explain what the 5-R’s are, and often ends with an interactive sorting game that helps to connect the dots.

School Education – Good things are growing thanks to our unique partnership rooted in helping others.

MDRR is committed to helping the school districts we service, MDUSD & PUSD, with their on-campus school gardens. We genuinely believe that farm-to-table education is essential to our youth. Whether donating compost and mulch for school gardens and campuses, assisting with cafeteria lunch sorting, or providing classroom presentations to educate the importance of waste reduction and encourage proper recycling, we are there!

To schedule your FREE tour, call 925.771.2721 or email [email protected].

Supporting Youth Organizations

The future of our humanity relies on the youth and MDRR is a proud sponsor of organizations who boost academic performance, reduce risky behavior, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured, environment for our young.

Odyssey of the Minds is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college.

STS Academy provides support, enrichment and recreations to the youth of Pittsburg. Through mentoring, tutoring, and homework assistance, STS seeks to offer students and their families academic assistance in a safe and fun environment.

Friends of Camp Concord provides scholarships to send under serviced children to summer camp.

Kennedy-King Memorial Fund provides scholarships to students from minority groups who are underrepresented at California four-year colleges.

Community Events

Whether it’s hosting our own events, or participating in our communities and business partners’ events, we love hanging out with our neighbors.

Earth Month 2021 Due to the pandemic, our Earth Day Celebration at Mt. Diablo Recycling had to be postponed again. With that said, it still didn’t stop us from showing love to Mother Earth.

The MDRR team was out supporting multiple events within our communities on Saturday, 4/24/2021. We helped Concord plant 50 trees at Newhall Park. We co-sponsored Pittsburg’s Cleanup, where community members picked up 20 yards of garbage. Plus, our team was active in Oakley, assisting with their cleanup too.

Earth Day at Mt. Diablo Recycling Center Every day is Earth Day for us, but normally once a year, we ask our community members to come to celebrate it with us!

Our usual Earth Day Celebration is a family-friendly event that includes face painting, jumpers, recycling games, reuse arts, and craft projects. The event ends with a tour of our recycling facility, which includes an interactive education lesson about the 5 Rs.  All of this for FREE! We’re eager to bring this back once things go back to normalcy.

Concord’s July 4th Parade, Festival and Fireworks – What do fireworks and your neighborhood waste and recycle resource company have in common?

As a proud sponsor of Concord’s July 4th Parade, Festival and Fireworks. We are there yearly showing our support and coming by with our vintage disposal truck.

Here are a few other city events that we are proud partners of:

  • Mayor’s Cook-Off
  • Concord Music in the Park
  • Pittsburg Civic Day
  • Heart of Oakley
  • Rio Vista Bass Derby
  • Rio Vista Luna Festival

Community Partnerships

To make positive change is a large task in itself and that’s why we truly believe there is strength in numbers. By partnering with local groups and organizations, we can champion together for social and environmental causes that will create positive change for our community.

Here are a few organizations that we are truly grateful to partner with:

  • Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano County
  • Sustainable Contra Costa
  • Save Mt. Diablo
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary
  • Friends of Oakley

Community Cleanups

MDRR is also a proud partner to organizations that help to keeps our streets, parks, and waterways clean. Often donating or lending supplies, providing service, and more often than not, rolling up our sleeves and getting down and dirty too. As Earth Ambassadors, MDRR dislikes litter!