New Food Waste Recycling Program Coming Soon!

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery and the cities are working together to put all the pieces in place for this exciting new program.  We will keep all of our customers apprised of that schedule, but as of now, deployment is currently with our commercial customers, with residential and multi-family properties beginning 2023.

Composting Resources

As we prepare your new food waste recycling program, below are helpful links, from reputable sources, on various composting topics which may help you develop your own program in the meantime.  

Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development:

Interested in a FREE workshop? Contra Costa County usually holds a workshop each quarter of the year.


This state resource has excellent information on home composting and overall waste reduction.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency:

This nationwide resource helps explain what composting is and how it’s beneficial for the environment. 

This link has helpful information on creating both indoor and outdoor compost piles.