Service Options

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery is proud to offer two different options for multifamily dwellings:

  • Cart Per Unit Service
  • Shared Container Service

For properties that prefer to have an individual carts per each unit, we have weekly service available in 3 options for your brown garbage cart: 32-gallon, 64-gallon, and 96-gallon cart sizes. A 64-gallon blue recycle cart and 96-gallon green waste cart is included with the service. The rate is determined by selected cart size and the total number of brown garbage carts.

To be eligible :

  • All garbage carts are the same size, one per unit.
  • Number of total garbage carts is based on total number of units on property, not occupied units. County records may be used to verify.
  • Invoiced on the same bill to owner, property mgmt. or HOA.
  • Property must participate in recycle service.

For properties that have limited space, prefer shared containers or require service at a higher frequency than once-a-week, we offer shared container service where 96-gallon carts and metal bins are available.

Carts Per Unit Option – 3 Available sizes:
32-gallon: 38″H x 23″W
64-gallon: 42″H x 26″W
96-gallon: 44″H x 26″W

Shared Container Option Cart size: 
96-gallon: 44″H x 26″W

96-gallon carts are available for garbage, recycling and/or yard waste service.

Shared Container Option – 3 Available Bin sizes:
2 cubic yard: 72″L x 35″W
3 cubic yard: 72″L x 42″W
6 cubic yard: 72″L x 77″W

Why Recycle?

  • It’s the right thing to do! Recycling helps to conserve resources and creates a healthy environment for our communities and future generations.
  • It’s also the law! The State of California has implemented Mandatory Recycling Laws: AB 1826 and AB 341. These laws require multifamily dwellings 5 units or more to recycle.


Even when tenants are eager to recycle, it’s important for property owners and managers to make the process easy to understand.

  • Encourage your residents to participate and properly sort the material during their move move-in process.
  • During their move-out process, recommend that they donate any usable items such as furniture or clothing.
  • We recommend having recycle containers next to the garbage receptacles throughout the property so they recycle is convenient.
  • Let your tenants know that recycling is important. Provide recycle outreach to each residents at least annually.

Thank you for working with us to keep items out of the landfill!

Community Guide

Community Guide Spanish

What’s Recyclable Now?

AB 1826: Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling:

The State of California has implemented a Mandatory Organics Recycling Laws: AB 1826. AB 1826 currently requires multifamily dwellings 5 units or more to recycling their green waste material. Green waste includes: grass clippings, plant/garden trimming, leaves, flowers and flower cuttings along with small branches and twigs.

Green waste can be turned into energy and much more. Recycling green waste diverts it from going into our landfill. Please help us divert these items.

If you self-haul or feel you are exempt, please fill out the proper form and send to:

For additional information from the City of Concord, please click here.

For more information on AB 1826, please visit CalRecycle’s website.

Green Waste Commercial Flyer: Green Waste Flyer

AB 341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling:

The State of California has implemented a Mandatory Recycling Laws: AB 341. AB 341 requires multifamily dwellings 5 units or more to have a recycling program. Recycling includes cardboard, clean paper, clean plastics #1-5 & #7, tin, aluminum and glass. It is essential that only CLEAN items go in the recycling containers. Any items that have liquid, food residue or is garbage will contaminate the entire recycling container. Please, only clean recycling.

For more information on AB 341, please visit CalRecycle’s website.

Recycling Commercial Flyer: Recycling Flyer

Helpful Tips

  • Bins & carts need to be accessible and ready for pick-up by 4 am on your service day.
  • The material should not be loaded over the top of a cart/bin. The lid should be closed completely when the cart/bin is loaded.
  • Large and bulky items should not be placed in your cart/bin. Please call our office to arrange a special pick-up for a fee.
  • Access to bins and enclosures must be clear of debris and vehicles. There is an additional charge for return pick-ups.
  • No Hazardous Waste in cart/bin. Please contact the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 800.646.1431 on how to properly dispose of items.
  • Locking devices are provided upon request. There is an additional charge for this service.
  • No dirt, concrete, or building material in the carts/bins.

Commercial Service Information


Payment is due UPON RECEIPT of Statement. Please make a payment as soon as you receive your bill. Payments must be received by 5:00 p.m. M-F, the day before your scheduled pick-up day to ensure uninterrupted service.

We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa or MasterCard. Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 fee per check.

Stopped Service: Your service will be stopped if payment is not received 45 days after the statement date. You will receive a reminder informing you that your service has been stopped. We will pick up your containers 30 days after your service has been stopped. There is a $75.00 fee for containers that are lost, stolen, damaged or cannot be pulled after discontinuation of service.

If your containers are pulled due to an unpaid bill, you will be charged a reconnect fee of $20.00 per pulled container ($100.00 for bin customers).

Cancelling Service: Please call our office to cancel service if you are moving. We will continue to bill and service your address until we are notified.