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Your pricing is based on the size of your brown garbage cart. Included in your service are a 64-gallon blue recycling cart and a 96-gallon green waste cart. Your curbside service includes weekly pickup of garbage, recycling, and green waste.  and bi-weekly pickup of your recycling and green waste.

Concord Residential Newsletter

New Food Waste Recycling Program Coming Soon!

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery and the cities are working together to put all the pieces in place for this exciting new program.  We will keep all of our customers apprised of that schedule, but as of now, deployment is currently with our commercial customers, with residential and multi-family properties beginning 2023.

When in Doubt, Find Out!

Our Recycle Resource Tool helps you get your containers right.

Click on the magnifying glass 🔎
to the right and type in the item, and we will tell you what container to place it in. If we cannot collect an item, we will do our best to point you in the right direction. 

Search tip — Keep material look-up general. For example, rather than searching the number on the plastic item, try entering the item in its generic forms such as a soda bottle or milk jug. 

We provide 3 options for your weekly curbside garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection.

Monthly Service Fee

Garbage Cart

Recycling Cart

Yard Waste Cart


32 Gallon

64 Gallon

96 Gallon


64 Gallon

64 Gallon

96 Gallon


96 Gallon

64 Gallon

96 Gallon

Rates effective July 2022

Low Income, Senior Rates

32-Gallon Garbage Cart for $29.60 per month

Rate includes weekly garbage, recycling & green waste cart service. 

To qualify you must be:

  1. 65 years of age, or older
  2. Have an income below HUD (Housing and Urban Development) guideline for “Very Low-income” for Contra Costa County

For additional information and application, please click here.

Also included at no additional charge: 

1. Three (3) On Call Pick-Ups: For your convenience, MDRR-Concord customers, with regular paid garbage service, may call Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery and schedule 3 free-of-charge pick-ups per calendar year. We will collect up to 12 bags or 12 boxes of garbage or yard debris, not weighing more than 50 lbs per bag, on your regularly-scheduled pick-up day. Please call us to schedule your extra pick-up. Pick-ups must be at least one week apart.

Please no Household Hazardous Waste, e-Waste, dirt, concrete, rock or construction and demolition material.

2. Curbside Battery Pick-Up: Customers must call in for a battery pick-up. Please place batteries in a plastic bag or closed container with a label that says, “Batteries” and place is next to your brown garbage cart. Only Household Batteries. Please, no Automobile Batteries.

3. Curbside Oil Pick-Up: Customers must call in for an Oil pick-up. Please call Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery to request a free 6-quart oil container. MDRR-Concord will drop one off to you. Once it is full, call Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery and they will pick it up.

4. Curbside CFLs Pick-Up: Customers must call in for CFL (compact fluorescent lights) pick-up. Please place CFLs in a plastics bag or a container with a label that says, “Lights” and place it next to your brown garbage cart. Please note, CFLs larger than 3 ft. must be taken to your local Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility.

Drop offs

5. Sharps Drop Off: Drop your sharps off, free of charge, at our Concord office at 4080 Mallard Drive. Drop-off is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 5 pm. Concord residents must verify residency, and sharps must be in FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers.

6. Pharmaceutical Drop Off Locations: Concord residents, free of charge, can safely dispose of their unwanted, out-of-date, and unused medications at one of these convenient locations.

Too Toxic for Your Collection Containers.

For the safety of our employees and communities, please do not place batteries, cell phones, laptops, other electronics, or hazardous Waste inside your collections containers.

Household Hazardous Waste:

Hazardous Waste such as automobile and household batteries, polishers, cleaners, solvents, chemicals, automobile fluids, pesticides, and other corrosive and toxic items can be dropped off, at no charge, at your hazardous waste collection facility. 

Central San

4797 Imhoff Place
Martinez, CA 94553


Electronic Waste (e-waste) such as TVs, computers, tablets, and cell phones cannot be placed in your containers. Retailers such as Best Buy, Apple, and Staples have programs to accept these items for FREE or a small fee.

We can also pick up electronics, with a separate truck, for a fee.

Got Extra? 

Recycle Your Waste in a Big Way!  We offer Handy Haulers (6-yard bins) and Debris Boxes (20-yard boxes) for your cleanup and remodel projects. For more information click below: 

Helpful Tips


For questions regarding our policies and fees, please contact [email protected].

  • Carts must be curbside for service by 5 am on your scheduled service day.
  • Carts must be 3 feet apart from one another. Trucks are semi-automated and space is required so that the truck’s arm can safely empty and return. 
  • Carts must be removed from the curb after your service. 
  • Do not overload the carts. The lid must be closed properly. Overloaded containers could incur an additional fee.
  • Please do not place carts near basketball hoops, cars, trees, or low-hanging wires. For inaccessible containers, there is a return trip fee.
  • Large and bulky items should not be placed inside your collection container. Please contact our office for pickup options. 
  • Unacceptable material placed inside your collection container could incur an additional contamination fee.
  • Dirt, rock, concrete, or building material CANNOT be placed inside your collection containers.
  • Damaged, altered, or burnt collections containers will incur a fee.
  • No Household Hazardous Waste is allowed. Take household hazardous waste to your local collection facility.