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Download the MDRR Mobile App Today!

Questioning if that item is recyclable or not? Or where to take your medical waste? Maybe you are constantly confused on what day to put your carts out. Our mobile app is here to help, and it is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, download it today!

Our Recycle Resource tool is perfect for helping you get your blue cart right. Type in any questionable item and the app will tell you which cart it should go into. If we cannot recycle it, we’ll do our best to provide you with a place you can take it. Looking for Hazardous Waste drop-off, or a place to take your broken printer? All that information is in the app. It also has a function to set up a reminder so you don’t forget your service day. Whether you prefer a phone call, email, calendar reminder, or a quick smart phone notification, the app will remind you of your pickup day.

The Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery app is an easy and convenient way to say connected. You’ll receive valuable service announcements and have our contact information at your fingertip all the time. Please download the Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery app today!


  • Elaine Schaefer says:

    Can we recycle wine bottles with labels still on them?

    • Raymond Padilla says:

      Hi Elaine,

      Yes you can recycle wine bottles with the labels on them. We just ask that they be clean, dry and empty before placing them in your recycle cart.

      Thank you,


  • Maria Vishnevetskaya says:

    You scheduled two instances (last Thursday and the Thursday before that) of 12 bags each week.

    However, week before last, 3 out of 12 were left. They weren’t heavy,(because I am the person who put them out to the curb in the first place, and I will be 74 years old next week! So I can pick the bag up, and what was the reason 3 were not picked???

    Then this last week ONE BAG was not picked up! I still have it and it appears as if yard waste to me mostly. What’s the problem with that 1 bag and also the 3 bags from the time before — the June 4th pickup). I have 2 accounts and a double lot with eucalyptus trees surrounding us. So there’s a lot of debris pick up activity!

    Also, are both accounts on auto pay, please? Or, if not, then make it so please? I tried, but it is a bit unclear. Thanks!

    Maria Vishnevetskaya

    • Raymond Padilla says:

      Hi Maria,

      Please contact our Customer Service at (925) 682-9113 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to pull up your account and get this corrected for you. You can also send the email request to Please be sure to include your service address and best daytime contact number so our team member can quickly assist you.

      Best regards,


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