Service Options:

Our services include single-stream recycling, yard waste, and solid waste (garbage) collection. We offer outreach and education material to assist your multi-family community with proper sorting to reduce contamination and increase diversion. 

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery is proud to offer two options for multi-family dwellings.

Cart Per Unit or Shared Container Service

Cart Per Unit:
For smaller properties that prefer an individual cart for each unit, we have weekly garbage service available in various sizes. A 64-gallon blue recycling cart and a 96-gallon green waste cart are included at no additional cost. The rates are determined by the selected garbage cart size and the total number of units.

To be eligible:
All garbage carts must be the same size.
The number of total garbage carts is based on the number of units, including unoccupied units. MDRR may use county records to verify.
All services are on one statement to the owner, property management company, or HOA.
The property must stay compliant with local and state recycling requirements.

Shared Containers:
For larger properties that have space restraints or require service at a higher frequency than once per week, we offer shared container service, which is customizable to meet the property’s needs. Garbage, recycling, and green waste collection are offered in 96-gallon carts and several metal bin sizes. Please note that shared container rates differ from carts per unit rates.  

Cart Per Unit Options:

32-gallon: 38″ H x 23″ W (no longer available in Pittsburg)
64-gallon: 42″ H x 26″ W
96-gallon: 44″ H x 26″ W

*approximate sizes 

Shared Container Cart Option:

96-gallon: 44″H x 26″W

96-gallon carts are available for garbage, recycling, and yard waste service. 

*approximate sizes 

Shared Container Metal Bin Options:

2 cubic yards: 50.5″H x 81″W x 35.5″D
3 cubic yards: 50.5″H x 81″W x 41.5″D
6 cubic yards: 72″H x 81″W x 66″D

*approximate sizes

AB 341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling

As of July 1, 2012, California requires multi-family dwellings 5 units or more to recycle. 

The law seeks to reduce reusable material from being sent to landfills and Greenhouse gas emissions.

AB 341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling 

AB 1826: Mandatory Organics Recycling

In 2016, AB 1826 began being phased in. Today, multi-family dwellings 5 units or more must recycle their green waste. 

The State of California implemented this ordinance to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and extend the life of our current landfills. 

SB 1383: State Organics Law

A new food waste recycling program is coming in the near future!

We are diligently working with our cities and CalRecycle to prepare our transfer station to process organic material required by SB 1383. We will keep all of our customers apprised of that schedule, but for now, multi-family properties will not begin to compost until 2023.

In September 2016, the State set methane emission reduction targets for California in Senate Bill 1383, intended as a statewide effort to reduce the emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (like organic waste) in various sectors of California’s economy.

SB 1383 establishes statewide targets to reduce the amount of organic waste disposed of in landfills (50% reduction by 2020 and 75% by 2025). It also aims to rescue at least 20% of currently disposed of edible food by 2025 and redirect that food to people in need.


Contact our Outreach Team for a consultation. We’ll take care of the rest!



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Helpful Tips

For questions regarding our policies and fees, please contact [email protected].

• Bins and carts must be accessible and ready for collection by 4 am on your scheduled service day.
• Do not load material past the rim of the containers. The lid must be closed properly. Overloaded containers could incur an additional fee.
• Access to containers and enclosures must be free of debris and vehicles. For inaccessible containers, there is a return trip fee.
• Large and bulky items should not be placed inside your collection container. Please get in touch with our office to arrange a special pickup for an additional fee.
• Unacceptable material placed inside your collection container could incur an additional contamination fee.
• Dirt, rock, concrete, or building material CAN NOT go into your collection containers.
• Locking devices are provided on bins upon request for an additional charge.
• Damaged, altered, or burnt collections containers will incur a fee.
• No Hazardous Waste is allowed. Take hazardous waste to your local hazardous waste collection facility. Please contact your local HHW facility for more information, including eligibility requirements.


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