MDRR is looking forward to the future and is excited to announce we are building a new recycling machine and an updated shop for our employees.

Recycling has fundamentally changed, and we have changed with it. Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery (MDRR) has embarked upon a strategy to evolve our recycling processing business with significant investments in our operations, including a major retrofit to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

The new MRF will:

1. Increase processing capacity

2. Improve the quality of commodities

3. Reduce residual

MDRR is investing in this machine to: Meet state and local regulatory requirements, fulfill our commitment to environmental stewardship, and follow our vision of being the region’s premier post-collection processor.

System Improvements: 

1. Significantly improves processing throughput, uptime, and capacity. We will have the ability to manage our tonnage today and pursue more tonnage.

2. New State-of-the-Art Machinery:

  • Screens: Improve separation of fiber (paper) from bottles and cans.
  • Optical Sorting: Infrared detection improving capture yield of bottles, cans, and residual from fiber/paper commodities.
  • Autonomous Robot: Artificial Intelligence (AI) unit that identifies scans material for opportunities to improve recovery of recyclables from the residual stream.
  • Additional Baler: Increased baling capacity of separated commodities.

3. Data and Analytics: Total Intelligence Platform (TIP): Will provide real-time and trending information on material composition, system performance, and maintenance.

“The world of recycling has changed, and this powerful new system will keep Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery at the forefront of recycling excellence,” says MDRR Chief Operating Officer Gary Lazdowski. “BHS offers the overall quality, partnership, and advanced technology to help MDR achieve the throughput and quality to meet our business goals. We believe the future of recycling will rely heavily on using technology and data to optimize performance, [and] Max-AI and NRT equipment throughout our system will deliver that for our operation. We are excited for our future and confident that this innovative technology will empower us to meet recycling expectations for our state regulators, for our community, and for our business.”


In the News:

Our new SEG Shop at our Transfer Station!

Estimated Completion Date: June 2021 – 1600 Loveridge Road, Pittsburg

The shop is on-site for the safety of our employees, enhanced technology, and quicker service.


A few highlights that the new facility will provide:

  1. A clean and safe environment for all employees; including modern break room and changing rooms for SEG mechanics and welders.
  2. Modern Trucking Software along with updated inventory controls and storage for all parts needed to repair daily equipment.
  3. Upgrades for SEG Trucking will support all daily equipment needs for our MDRR Park.