Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery is proud to partner with the residents and businesses within the RecycleSmart service area. Our innovative programs are helping our communities achieve their quest for zero waste.  

What We Do

As the region’s Trusted. Proven. Essential. sustainability partner, we are committed to our mission and work hard each day to make it a reality. We are relentless in serving our customers, communities, and environment responsibly by optimizing the use of discarded materials.

Together, we are making a difference!

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Reuse Days

Household Battery

Community Educational

We appreciate your help!

By scraping, wiping, or lightly rinsing out your food and beverage containers and only placing acceptable items in your blue cart, you are helping to ensure that your recyclables get the afterlife they deserve.

What Goes in your Blue Cart? 


All colors; lids, caps


CRV beverage containers



Aluminum cans

Aluminum foil (clean)

Aluminum pie plates

Cookie Sheets

CRV beverage cans

Food cans (clean)

Pet food cans

Steel cans

Pots and pans, cupcake pans, utensils/silverware, and metal water bottles


Paperback books

Boxes, packages

Carbonless paper

Cardboard (must fit in cart)


Colored & construction paper

Computer paper

Copy paper


Detergent boxes

Egg cartons (non-Styrofoam)

Envelopes with metal clips

Envelopes (standard and plastic windows)

Gift wrap (non-metallic)

Junk mail


Manila folders

Newspapers and inserts

Office paper

Paper bags

Paper packaging with remnant tape

Paperboard boxes (cereal & shoe boxes)

Paper towel and toilet paper tubes

Pet food bags


Shredded paper (placed in a paper bag)

Telephone books

Tissue paper (gift type)


Containers only, empty

Plastics #1 to #7

Rigid plastics

Plastic bags

Baby wipes containers

Bleach bottles

Buckets without handles

CRV beverage containers (soda, water, juice)

Detergent bottles

Food containers (non-Styrofoam)

Household cleaning containers (empty)

Lids and caps

Milk jugs

Prescription bottles (empty)

Salad dressing bottles

Shampoo and conditioning bottles

Tube containers

Water jugs

Processing Recycling

The contents of your blue cart are picked up by Republic Services and make their way to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Pittsburg. Recently, we improved our recycling processing capabilities by making significant investments in our operation. Our sorting machine, often called Big Blue, was retrofitted entirely to increase efficiency and reduce residual. Meet Big Blue 2.0!

Residential Reuse Days 

Your reusable and unwanted items are making an impact on our neighbors in need!

Twice a year, single-family households within the RecycleSmart service area can place gently used items curbside at no additional charge. Our team goes by and collects these items, brings them to our warehouse, and later, we find homes for the items picked up. Your reusable items create jobs, aid those in need, and keep material out of the landfill. 

Program brochures are mailed out to residents at least two weeks before the area’s dedicated Reuse Day. To find out when your Reuse Day is, please get in touch with Republic Services at (925) 685-4711.

Acceptable Items:

Household Electronics & Appliances (Please put your name on all TVs and computer screens for state reporting purposes.)

Home Decor & Accessories, Office & School Supplies

Garden, Outdoor & Sporting Equipment (No gas or oil in equipment)

Gently-Used Furniture (No broken, stained, or ripped furniture.)

Clothes & Shoes

Scrap Metal, Wire

Car Parts and Auto Batteries

Unacceptable Items:


Construction and Demolition


Household Hazardous Waste

Rocks or Dirt

Cribs or Car Seats

Loose Wood

Broken Items

Broken or Unassembled Furniture

in just the last 12 months.

Household Battery Recycling 

Partnering with RecycleSmart, we collect household batteries during the residential Reuse Days. Year-round, throughout the RecycleSmart service area, we partner with 12 community retailers so that apartments, condos, and businesses can conveniently recycle their household batteries.

Battery Drop-off Sites

Alamo – CVS/Pharmacy, 3158 Danville Blvd.
Blackhawk – CVS/Pharmacy, 3420 Camino Tassajara
Danville – CVS/Pharmacy, 650 San Ramon Valley
Danville – Danville Music, 115 Town, and Country Dr.
Danville – Walgreen’s, 611 San Ramon Valley
Lafayette – CVS/Pharmacy, 3625 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette – Ace Hardware, 3311 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Moraga – Ace Hardware, 1409 Moraga Rd.
Moraga – CVS/Pharmacy, 1480 Moraga Rd. #D
Moraga – CVS/Pharmacy, 580 Moraga Rd.
Orinda – CVS/Pharmacy, 50 Moraga Way
Orinda – Rite Aid, 27 Orinda Way

in just the last 12 months.

Together with this program, we reduce the need for raw materials and conserve resources. We also keep harmful material out of the environment and follow the law!

Community Educational Tours

We believe that education is key to improving the way we recycle and helps to encourage environmental stewardship.

We provide scheduled tours to schools, clubs, sustainability groups, and the public. During the 45-minute tour of our Recycling Center & Transfer Station, you will see how recyclables are sorted and prepared to produce recycled products later. This interactive tour gives our community a firm understanding of why reducing waste and recycling is so important.

Click here to email and schedule a tour!