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China rejects most of the state’s trash, which ends up getting dumped into landfills

Article posted: Tuesday, 2 April 2019

With probes and clipboards, Chinese inspectors tour Bay Area recycling centers at least once a month, testing our trash to see if it meets their new high standards. Until recently, almost all of our vast piles of plastic and paper refuse were sold and shipped overseas, promising a new life for much of what we so blithely tossed away. Now much is rejected as wet, dirty or worthless… Read More


  • Maxine says:

    So Sad. I try hard to be careful. Hope others do as well. I think we as a country need to start thinking of new ways to package products we purchase, since we can’t easily dispose of our waste. Growing up in the 1930’s we never generated this much waste.

    • Carol Kitchens says:

      Your latest publication said to try and stop unwanted junk mail! Since you are a big company can you lobby our Congressmean in area to get the Federal government to stop the US post office from depositing unwanted junk mail in my mail box! I probably get 0nly five pieces of mail a moth that are important everything else is junk mail I did not solicit! It would be a win win for you and your costumers if we could get rid of junk and unwanted mail! I have all my bills on line!

    • Randall Klein says:

      We need to pay more attention to what goes into my Blue bin. Thanks!

  • Bethi Carver Gibb says:

    There are new 100% waste management plants that take everything and turns it into usable raw materials. Very little goes into the landfill.
    Sweden and Singapore are doing this.
    We don’t need to send our recycling or trash to China. We can rebuild our trash and recycling plants and save money and reuse our own raw materials.

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