Tips on how to Reduce

The recycling world has changed due to the monumental policy shift of China. For years, most of the processed recycling material from the US (California especially) was purchased by China. Now, China has massively decreased the amount of recycling it is purchasing. This is catastrophic to the recycling world. But together, we can save recycling.

One of the most important actions you can do is to Reduce.

Paper and Plastics are getting increasingly difficult to recycle. Please consume less of them. Here are suggestions of how to do that:

Reducing Paper:

  1. Change your bills to ‘paperless’ and pay them online or by phone.
  2. Try to end junk mail. Here are a couple links to reduce your junk mail:
  3. Minimize your use of paper. Re-use one-sided paper for notes, sketches, rough work, etc. Use both sides of pieces of paper.
  4. Don’t use a bigger piece of paper than you need. If you only need half or a quarter of a page to write down a recipe or shopping list, then only use that amount.
  5. Use paper from recycling bins for notes, etc. Most people only print on one side, leaving a full side of high-quality white paper.

Reducing Plastics:

  1. Bring your own shopping bag! There are so many reusable bags available, no need for plastic bags anymore.
  2. Stop buying bottled water.
  3. Bring your own thermos to a coffee shop/store.
  4. Rethink your food storage: use reusable snack bags, no more straws, store food in glass containers that can be reused!

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