Let’s Do Our Part!

At Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery, we care about the environment and need your help to divert as much material from going into the landfill.

By utilizing our recycling programs and placing the proper items in each container, you are doing your part in decreasing contamination and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill.

Blue: Recyclables ONLY

Recycling has Changed. We Need to Change with it. 

Please only place acceptable, clean, empty, and dry items loosely in your recycle cart. 

Paper: Cardboard, newspaper, copy paper, colored paper, chipboard (cereal and snack boxes), paper bags, shredded paper (in paper bags), windowless envelopes, non-glossy paper, manila folders.

Plastics: Rigid #1-5 & #7 containers. Soda, water, shampoo, and conditioner bottles, milk, bleach, laundry softener, and detergents jugs.

Glass: Colored and clear liquor and wine bottles, food, and baby food jars.  

Aluminum & Tin: soda, vegetable, tuna, and pet food cans, foil, pie pans.

Brown: Organics ONLY

From the Earth, Back into the Earth.

The landscape material collected by our trucks is taken to a compost facility and turned into enriched soil. 

Food Scraps: Bones, shells, bread, grains, pasta, dairy products, fruits, meats, seafood, food scraps, raw and cooked spoiled food.

Food Solid Paper: Napkins, paper towels, paper-based take-out containers, pizza boxes.

Yard Trimmings: Brush, branches (less than 4′ in length and 6″ in diameter), lawn and plant clippings, shrubbery, twigs, weeds, wood chips.

Green: Garbage ONLY

End-of-Life Items Only. 

Please only place items that are no longer usable. Donate items that are in good shape or working condition. Please bag your items before placing them inside your cart or bin. 

Plastics: Coffee pods, utensils, straws, storage bags, gloves, saran, food-soiled containers.

Paper: Windowed envelopes, glossy paper: magazines, ads, postcards, and junk mailers.

Glass and Ceramics: Windows and mirrors, stemware, dinnerware.

Packaging and Wrappers: Food packaging: chip and snack bags, candy and individual serving, saran, and bubble wrap, foam products: cups, food containers, peanuts.

Miscellaneous: Palm fonds, hoses, wires, diapers, kitty litter, animal waste.

E-Waste & Hazardous Waste are Too Toxic for Your Collection Containers.

For the safety of our employees and communities, please do not place batteries, cell phones, laptops, other electronic, or hazardous waste inside your collections containers.


E-Waste such as TVs, computers, tablets, and cell phones cannot be placed in your containers. Retailers such as Best Buy, Apple, and Staples have programs to accept these items for FREE or a small fee. We can also pick up electronics, with a separate truck, for a fee.  

Hazardous Waste

Lithium batteries and other household products with chemicals can contain corrosive, toxic, or ignitable ingredients. Store these items in a safe place until your next city-sponsored event.

Please contact the City of Rio Vista for more information, including eligibility requirements.