Support the Emergency Funding Proposal for Our Garbage And Recycling Industry

Show your support!

The COVID-19 State of Emergency has put an enormous strain on our economy and the solid waste and recycling industry needs your help!

The Resource Recovery Coalition of California has submitted an urgent funding proposal to keep garbage and recycling trucks rolling and our neighborhoods clean.

Without immediate funding, service may not continue, which means garbage will not be picked up, and we could be faced with another devastating health and safety crisis. Our garbage companies must remain viable through this emergency and beyond.

Financial assistance from Sacramento and Washington, D.C. will support this ESSENTIAL SERVICE to continue trash and recycling service and protect our community’s health and safety.

Sacramento and Washington D.C. Need To Hear: Our Garbage Companies Cannot Fail.

Sign our petition today at and lend your support for the emergency funding package for our garbage and recycling industry.

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