Gary Lazdowski started with the company in 1969, working for MDRR’s formerly named company Mt. Diablo Paper Stock, in the recycling division. Gary later moved on to become a residential garbage collector. After graduating in 1972, from St. Mary’s College, with a degree in Business Economics, Gary was promoted to Office Supervisor.

As a supervisor, Gary assisted Silvio Garaventa Sr. in different aspects of collecting, managing and processing solid waste and recyclable materials. As the company expanded, Gary was instrumental in the reorganization of the solid waste and recycling collection companies for Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery.

As Chief Officer of Operations, Gary oversees all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the collection, processing, and removal of solid waste and recycling.

Gary has served on the Board of Directors of Rotary and The Chambers of Commerce in the cities of Pittsburg and Rio Vista. In addition to his participation in various Bay Area organizations and charities, Gary received the Businessman of the Year Award in Rio Vista in 2004.

In 2019, Gary became COO of Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery.

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