Recycle your waste at our place!

The Recycling Center & Transfer Station

1300 Loveridge Road, Pittsburg, CA 94565

Open 7 days a week



Closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day only.

For inquiries regarding this facility, please call the Recycling Center & Transfer Station at
(925) 473-0180 or email [email protected].


Contra Costa Waste Services, also known as the Recycling Center & Transfer Station (RCTS) is a full-service facility. RCTS is the hub of our resource recovery services. All in one convenient location, we accept household garbage, recyclables such as yard waste, paper, wood, plastics, metals, cardboard, construction debris, and much more!

We have a large 17-acre facility, that has 16 acres dedicated to recycling. Mt. Diablo Recycling Center (adjacent to the Transfer Station) is the largest recycling center in the County. It is approximately 90,000 square feet! We are dedicated to continually discovering and developing new ways to recycle and reuse.

We accept the following forms of payment: 

  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Business Checks
  • NO personal checks

Diversion Letters:


Friendly Reminders:

  • Please be advised – The Buy Back recycling center is closed.
  • City Ordinance 90-997 requires that “all vehicles used for hauling refuse within the City shall be of such construction as to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations of the state, and shall be of a type and construction to prevent leakage or overflow. All refuse in such vehicle shall be completely covered… to prevent any refuse from spilling or blowing from the vehicle.”
  • California Vehicle Code Sections 23114 and 23115 state that it is against the law to operate a vehicle on the highway which is improperly covered, constructed, or loaded so that any part of its contents or loads spills, drops, leaks, blows, or otherwise escapes from the vehicle. Additionally, any vehicle transporting garbage, trash, or rubbish, used cans or bottles, waste papers, waste cardboard, etc. must have the load covered to prevent any part of the load from spilling on the highway (CVC 2011). Significant fines are possible for non-compliance.
  • We do not accept Hazardous Waste of any kind. any products in your home contain hazardous material. It is illegal and unsafe to throw away household hazardous waste in your garbage container, on the ground, or down a storm drain. For more information on Hazardous Waste, please see

We DO NOT accept

The Recycling Center & Transfer Station DOES NOT accept Hazardous or Infectious Waste. Many products in your home contain hazardous material. It is illegal and unsafe to throw away hazardous waste in your garbage container, on the ground, or down a storm drain. Examples of Hazardous Waste:

Polishes & Cleaners
Oil Filters
Fuel Additives
Rust Solvent
Wood Cleaners
Carburetor Cleaner
Transmission Oils

Pool Chemicals
Oven Cleaners
Drain Openers
Lighter Fluid
Metal Cleaners
Paint Thinner

Used Oil
Grease Solvent
Fluorescent Bulbs
Paint Stripper


We work hard for you to keep as many items out of the landfill as possible. One way we do this is to repurpose materials. One example of re-purposing is that when you bring tires to the Recycling Center & Transfer Station they are shredded, recycled and used for road base and playground equipment and fillers for artificial grass fields.

Another example is that the carpet foam padding you drop off is often processed and then recycled into new foam padding.

Let us show you how through a guided tour of our facility. It is the great way to get educated on all the ways we help keep our planet as green as possible.

Contact for a tour: (925) 473-0180