Now Accepting Treated Wood Waste!

Contra Costa Waste Services (RCTS) is permitted to accept Treated Wood Waste.

A requirement of the Department of Toxic Substances Control along with the State of California is that each customer must provide specific information to the disposal site.

What is Treated Wood Waste (TWW)?

Wood treated with a chemical preservative for protection against pests and environmental conditions is called treated wood. Treated wood that has reached the end of its usefulness is regarded as treated wood waste or TWW and should be disposed of only at composite-lined solid waste landfills.

Examples of TWW include some form of:

  • Fence posts
  • Still plates
  • Landscape timbers
  • Pilings
  • Guardrails
  • Decking

Disposal Process for Treated Wood Waste

The waste generator must determine if the wood is hazardous waste and provide specific information to the disposal site.

Treated Wood Waste Disposal: $201.50 per ton

Mixed Treated Wood Waste Disposal: $230.00 per ton

Please follow these steps when visiting Contra Costa Waste Services (RCTS):

  1. Enter the Construction and Demolition Scale to the left after the first stop sign at the facility.
  2. Notify the scale attendant you have Treated Wood Waste.
  3. The scale attendant will inspect your load and direct you where to dump it.
  4. Complete the quick customer form and submit it to the scale while completing your transaction.

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